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This questionnaire has been compiled for testing purposes only and all of its questions have been made optional to facilitate testing. In an actual internal survey, most questions would be mandatory.

Sample introductory text

Dear Employee,

We are inviting you to complete our organisation’s employee feedback questionnaire.

The questionnaire can be completed in Estonian, English or Russian. You can choose your preferred language at the top of the questionnaire.

We want all our employees to have comfortable working conditions that are conducive to working. We can only achieve this if we know what works well for you and what needs changing.

Please make sure you answer all the questions marked with an asterisk * as subsequent questions depend on these answers and you cannot proceed if you leave them blank.

NB! Please allow for 10–15 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete the questionnaire. If an unfinished questionnaire stays open on the screen too long, the session may time out and your responses will be lost.

The survey organiser, the Salary Information Agency will ensure the total anonymity of your responses. The Agency will use your email address to monitor whether you have completed the survey, but none of your responses will be associated with your name or your email address. The Salary Information Agency will only use the responses for analysis and they will not be published or communicated in a way that would allow the identification of the responder.

We very much hope that you will find time to give us your feedback.

Please submit your completed questionnaire by ....... (date).